A Fantasy Webcomic by Kiernan Geary

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A young boy gets lost and ends up on a grand adventure
with a motley group of exiles, pirates, and mythical creatures
to depose a megalomaniacal empress, all while learning the
kind of power he wields.

The Lost Kind is written and illustrated by Kiernan Geary

This is a personal passion project, so updates will be sporadic


Aedan and Riley Lilecluain
18, ace/aro, he/him; 13, unsure, she/her

Abandoned when they were young, he and his sister grow up with their adoptive parents, a young dwarf couple. Despite being magical races, they were raised in a non-magical society, and therefore neither of the children learn about magical studies and are, in fact, unaware of their abilities. Riley becomes a young inventor, delving into steamworks and mechanics. Aedan begins to study biology and nature, frequently wandering about and doing field studies. Aedan one day finds himself in an unfamiliar wood, near a valley inhabited by dragons.

( "A-den"), ( "Rye-lee"), ( "Lee-lay-clohn")

Sir Christophe Lailloux, former Officier
28, gay, he/him

He and his brother, Jacques, are raised by their father. When Christophe is in his young teens he meets a young elf named Meidelora, they get to know each other well and become close friends. At age 14, Meidelora is unable to visit them anymore. At 16, forced to abandon his passion of studying blacksmithing, Christophe is drafted into becoming a knight, leaving behind his father and brother to live on his own on castle grounds. 7 years pass and the kingdom is attacked by the Vydeleid empire, lead by Meidelora's sister, Deidela. In the attack the powerful gem being held by the kingdom's guardian dragon is stolen and the dragon goes on a rampage, destroying the land. Christophe blames himself for the deaths of his comrades, his father, and his lover Ohrot, and leaves the kingdom forever. He travels the lands hunting for dragons, selling their parts and using treasures from their hoards to arm and protect himself. He happened to be crossing a valley when he comes across a young man in need.

( "Kris-toff"), ( "Lie-you")

Jacques Lailloux
30, straight, he/him

Born as a bastard son from his father's affair with a fairy and marked with a scar to signify it. After Christophe leaves to become a knight, Jacques no longer has anyone to defend him and becomes ostracized from his town. He runs away and finds a reclusive witch in the woods. She takes him in and begins to teach him healing and force magic. He returns to his town many years later to find the aftermath of the Vydeleid's attack. Many citizens, however, are still living there and are falling deathly ill. He seeks out to help them but is turned away by the adults due to his telling mark. Knowing the children won’t shun him, he decides to return at night in secrecy to help them heal. Various sightings start many rumors about him being the spirit of Death, an omen, or a demon. He continues this practice until he finds a young boy washed up on a shore.

( "Jock"), ( "Lie-you")

Princess Meidelora Vydeleid, Exile
30, pansexual, she/her

Meidelora is of the Vydeleid royal family, and the younger sister of the next in line for the throne, Deidela. While slipping into megalomania, Deidela murders her parents while Meidelora and Soldane are still young (16 and 18 respectively) Meidelora is banished for trying to stop her sister. No longer having a home, Meidelora now travels, seeking anyone to help her in stopping her sister from doing anymore damage. 14 years pass and she has found no one, until she comes across an old friend at a port town market.

( "My-deh-lore-ah"), ( "Vai-deh-lied")

Empress Deidela Vydeleid
225, straight, she/her

First born and heiress to the Vydeleid royal family. From birth she was raised to be Empress, ostracized from her peers and siblings and put under high amounts of stress and training in preparation for her position of power. When she comes of age at 25, the current emperor steps down and she is crowned as Empress Regnant. Even more responsibility is placed on her shoulders as she travels to meet other rulers and begins making decisions for her people. Shortly after she is confronted by Dakun for the execution of their mother and is given the scarring across her body. After centuries of pressure and studying the dark magic of Skadwaz, her mind is warped towards megalomania. After centuries of ruling, Meidelora is born and as Meidelora ages, she becomes favored by their father and their people. Deidela grows envious over time, concerned that she will be deposed and Meidelora will be crowned empress in her place. In her envy, she kills the King and Queen to gain absolute power over the throne.

( "Die-day-la"), ( "Vai-deh-lied")

Prince Soldane Vydeleid
32, no label, he/they

Second born to the Vydeleid royal family, Soldane is obedient to a fault, and any attempts made to defend Meidelora from their sister's abuse proved fruitless. Eventually he became Deidela's second-in-command, though even he is unsure whether it was for his own protection, or something more selfish.

( "Sole-dane"), ( "Vai-deh-lied")

Pirate Captain Dakun J. Kuroko
228, pan/aro, they/he

Dakun is raised by his mother, a former pirate and bartender in a port town. During an attack by the Vydeleid kingdom when Dakun was 16, his mother disappears. Deciding to search for her, he joins a crew and becomes a pirate, hoping to find that she simply returned to her former life. 11 years pass, Dakun has become captain of his own ship and a small crew of various misfits and outsiders. In their travels they come across the Vydeleid kingdom. While gathering supplies, he comes across Deidela, 25, as she is having a discussion in the marketplace. Dakun overhears that an ex-pirate, his mother, they caught years back has been recently executed. Without thinking, Dakun attacks her in a blind rage in the middle of the market. During their battle Dakun gives her a burn across her upper body. In revenge she attempts to kill him with black magic, but in her pain she severely botches the spell and curses him, leaving him immortal, unable to sleep and unable to die, no matter how many times or how many ways they’re killed. He continues his travels, continuing to expand his crew and living long beyond his years as a human. While at a port he comes across some promising individuals that would make a lovely addition to his crew.

( "Dah-koon"), ( "Kur-oh-ko")

Torgo Gerwished
24, gay/ace, he/him

A young half human, half dryad. While the dryad have been blessed by Aequorus to bring life to the flora around them, Torgo's powers have been corrupted, and he can only bring death to the plants he tries to heal. Because of this he is outcast by his people, including his childhood friend, Dawna. Dawna, who had become queen of the Decembi Islands, home of the Dryad, had ordered those with corrupted powers to be banished or executed. Torgo, livid and betrayed, makes an attempt on Dawna's life. He then tries to run, and comes across a witless pirate that's washed up on his island, ripe for framing.

( "Tour-go"), ( "Ger-wish-ed")

First Mate May Felaro
27, bi, she/her

May grew up on Aza Corella, an island south of the country of Cyrus. She and her sister were taught force magic by their grandmother. After leaving her home, Kai sought carpentry, and May sought a richer life in sailing. Not finding her country's navy suitable, she and her sister turned to piracy as young adults, enlisted by a seasoned sailor. Eventually, the sailor passes away, and they leave the crew. Wandering, May comes to Port Reignmouth and joins Dakun's crew. She writes to her sister to have her join as the ship's carpenter. May and Dakun become fast friends, Dakun telling her they feel they've known her for their whole life, and May doesn't question it. They have been side-by-side as first mate and captain ever since.

( "May"), ( "Feh-lar-oh")

Elizabeth Pruitt
24, lesbian, she/her

Elizabeth had run away from an abusive home as a teenager. While wandering homeless, she tried to pickpocket a stranger, who had reacted with extreme violence. In the altercation her eye was stabbed and her arm severely wounded, needing amputation. She wandered in severe pain, eventually taken in by Dakun's crew, where she was mended by Catira, and she fell in love instantly. Elizabeth and Dakun, however, would often butt heads and disagree on leadership decisions, Dakun often accusing her of lack of experience and hot-headedness. This unfortunately instilled a deep lack of trust in her with both Dakun and May

( "Ee-liz-ah-beth"), ( "Proo-it")

Catira Hussein
23, lesbian, she/her

Catira would travel as a nomad with her father for much of her childhood. When she was deemed an adult at 16, her father prepared her for her future travels on her own, celebrating her sendoff with a large feast. On her travels she meets Dakun, recently in a battle and in pain. She offers to help heal them and talks to them. She learned of their travels and finds them fascinating, and so asks if she can join their crew. Dakun graciously accepts, and she becomes the official medic of the ship.

( "Ka-tee-rah"), ( "Hoo-sane")

29, lesbian, she/her

A mermaid that can sometimes seem naive, Vela is more strong-willed than many take her for. One of the bruja mer, magic-using mermaids, Vela is obligated to follow the orders of the Vydeleid empire. Bruja mer are typically cruel, instinct-driven creatures, but Vela feels she must be kind, despite sometimes giving into that nature. She heard stories when she was young that the bruja mer were once human, a powerful nation of people who sailed the frozen seas and had command of the vicious Kraken, but they were cursed by Aequorus to live for eternity under the cold sea for their cruelty. She one day hears from a fellow bruja mer that the exiled princess is being imprisoned for treason against the empire.

( "Vay-la")


Artour Lailloux
51, he/him

Father to Christophe and Jacques, encourages Christophe to become a squire. Noble, former knight forcibly retired due to severe injury on the left side of his body.

( "Are-tour"), ( "Lie-you")

Emperor Jabora Vydeleid and Empress Neinovi Vydeleid
he/him, she/her

Leaders of the Vydeleid empire, killed by Deidela when she became overzealous and megalomaniacal from centuries of pressure and corruption. Jabora was a womanizer that would often sleep around with the royal servants. Neinovi, to cope, would often drink. As Meidelora grew, Jabora would fawn over her and favor her, to Deidela’s chagrin.

( "Ja-bore-ah"), ( "Nye-no-vee"), ( "Vie-deh-lied")

Akhet and Amun Heru
deceased, he/him; 31, he/him

Amun was Akhet's identical twin, growing up taming dragons with his brother. While riding in the fields of Davierre, Christophe meets Akhet and they become lovers. During the siege, Akhet is killed and Amun blames Christophe for Akhet's death.

( "Ak-het"), ( "Ah-moon"), ( "Hay-roo")

Other Characters

Captain Mishiru Kuroko (she/her) - Dakun's mother - "Mee-she-roo Kur-oh-koh"
Cara Beag (she/her) - Aedan's owl companion - "Kar-ah Byog"
Joie Leon (she/they) - Jacques’ apprentice - "Zho-ah Lay-on"
Kai Felaro (she/her) - May's sister, ship carpenter - "Kye Feh-lar-oh"
Richard Naayar (he/him) - Pirate ship swabby - "Rich-ard Nay-er"
Ulrich Patel (he/him) - Pirate ship cook - "Ul-rick Pa-teel"
Sarya Brenchley (he/him) - Pirate shipmate - "Sar-ya Brench-lee"
Ellen Kevia (she/her) - Pirate shipmate - "El-len Kee-vee-ah"
Henrietta Sparks (she/her) - Pirate shipmate - "Hen-ree-et-ta Sparks"
Dominic Cortez (he/him) - Pirate shipmate - "Dom-ih-nick Cor-tez"
Daichi Tadame (they/them) - Nobel runaway from the Kingdom of Hapsa - "Die-ee-chee Ta-da-may"
Dimitro Bodashka (he/him) - Daichi's companion from Beylik - "De-moi-tro Bo-dash-ka"
Teagan Mathilde (she/her) - Half fae soldier from Montlailloux - "Tay-gan Ma-tild"
Azeera (she/they) - Fae queen - "Ah-zee-rah"
Liphi (they/them) - Witch slave - "Lee-fee"
Lavan (he/him) - Dryad slave - "Lah-vahn"

Pronunciation Guide

Port Reignmouth: "Port Rain-moth"
Toblin: "Toe-blin"
Gábháin: "Gah-vin"
Tuathlait: "Twah-lay"
Montlailloux: "Mont-lie-you"
Davierre: "Dah-vee-ey"
Schattenreich: "Sha-ten-ryke"
Isle Decembi: "Eel Dey-sem-bee"
Tierra de la Norte Mer: "tee-era day la nor-tuh mer"
Bruja mer: "Broo-ha mer"
Aequorus: "Ay-core-us"
Comonqui: "Com-on-kwee"
Direig'n: "Dee-ray-en"
Oneone: "Oh-nay oh-nay"
Dauthuz: "Dout-hooz"
Dryad: "Dry-add"
Aza Corella: "Ah-zah Core-el-la"


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